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About les services B&N

In 1947 BN Appliance is based at 5157 Notre-Dame West by Mr. Paul Boucher and Mr. Theodore Nelder. Mr. Nelder was the owner of the building. Since its opening, Mr. Gilbert Séguin is part of the BN team as an employee and is a major contributor to the company.


In the 50's following a fire that ravaged much of the company, we renovate and Mr. Gaston Labrèque joined the BN team as a director and contribute to the service and business management until his retirement in 1998.


In 1962 following the death of Mr. Boucher, the son Francois and Pierre replaces their father at the helm of BN Appliance. But following a difficult economic environment they need to fail in 1972


In 1972, Mr Gilbert Séguin decided to embark on the adventure and bought the company and name it, Les Services BN. He also buys the building in 1976. The Mr. Séguin adventure successfully prosperous and always with the complicity of Mr. Labrèque until his retirement in 1998.


Johanne Séguin, daughter of Mr. Séguin joined the company in 1980 and contributes to it, until her concession to Mr. Gilles Courcy in 2013.


Mr. Courcy joined the team in 2005 as service manager and learns the ropes under the attentive wing of Mr. Gilbert Séguin who unfortunately died in 2006.


In 2013, Ms. Séguin decided to retire so she sells the building and shut the doors of the room. Mr. Courcy Decides not to let fate take its course and opens Les Services BN in a local on the other side of the street at 5164 Notre-Dame West, and keeps the same parts sales services, sales of home appliances, maintains and repairs with the difference of not having a showroom for these appliances. He always honors loyal customers of Les services BN and offer a professional, attentive, courteous and personalized services.


BN Services will not see their doors close this soon...


Gilles Courcy


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